Flyers Help Your Business Take Off

Flyers Help Your Business Take Off

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Consumers are swamped with messages about products and services. Effective advertising will cut through the clutter and capture a prospective customer’s attention with a targeted message. To be effective and reach a target audience, the best advertising is credible, unique, and memorable. Using flyers is a relatively simple and inexpensive way for small and mid-sized businesses to make an impact in the local community


Flyers Help Your Business Take Off
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“The goal behind designing a flyer is to capture someone’s attention within three seconds of them walking up to their front door,” says Stefanie McKinney, founder, and owner of The Flyer Guys, a family-owned, Arizona-based company that specializes in creating memorable advertising with flyers.

To make the most of your advertising campaign using flyers, keep these points in mind:

– A picture is worth 1,000 words. Don’t underestimate the power of images. People look at pictures before they start reading any text, and a funny picture, in particular, can make an impression.

– Less text for more impact. Once you have a picture, think about the text. Keep your text concise, and use bullet points when possible, to allow more white space for quick and easy reading.

– Catchy headlines. Along with a photo, a headline is the first thing to catch a customer’s eye. No matter what headline you choose, consider using color for added impact and keep your font choice easy to read.

– Contact information and call-to-action. This is where the nuts and bolts of your product or service come in, so give it the proper attention. Even something conventional such as “Call Us” or “Order Now” can have a greater impact with fonts and colors. Online businesses, make sure your website address is clearly visible, so your audience is likely to keep the flyer as a reference. For in-person businesses, simple directions and even a small map can help ensure that you are on the customer’s radar.

– Enlist happy customers. Sincere testimonials can have a significant impact on attracting new customers. When your customers compliment your product or service, ask whether you can use their comments, either anonymously or with their name, to help promote your business. The more specific the comments, the better.

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